Adobe Spectrum
Video Animation Intern

During my Adobe internship on the Spectrum team, I developed a comprehensive style guide for their video documentation, covering color, motion graphics, and audio. 
My aim was to create an engaging and cohesive aesthetic to educate users about Spectrum's complex design system.I created a video-style guide that integrated Spectrum's principles with motion and learning principles.
I collaborated with the Spectrum team to compile user questions and wrote a script that my mentors, PJ Buddhari and Jess Sattell, helped revise. I developed a targeted instructional design plan with beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels, covering two to four learning objectives per video.
Consistent: Utilize motion templates.
Accessible: Include voice-over and closed captions.
Simple: It uses a limited color palette and no unnecessary decorations.
Multimedia: It uses transitions to connect concepts and examples together.
Coherent: It breaks down topics into smaller sections and summarizes information in a simple way.
templates and animation
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