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Hi, I'm Vivi Nguyen

Thanks for stopping by! I'm an interdisciplinary animator, illustrator, and designer who loves to create delightful animations, user experiences, and games with others. I focus on color and motion to capture the joy of everyday simple moments.In my free time, I enjoy dancing, taking care of my chickens, and rewatching early 2000s anime.reach out...
resume available upon request

✿ story!

Collection of storyboards I created for Devsisters USA.

Valentine's Day - Cookie run:Kingdom

Stardust Cookie Marketing - Cookie run:Kingdom

✿ Adobe Video documentation internship

Summer 2021
My role: Video Animation Intern
Team: Spectrum

During my Adobe internship on the Spectrum team, I developed a comprehensive style guide for their video documentation, covering color, motion graphics, and audio. My aim was to create an engaging and cohesive aesthetic to educate users about Spectrum's complex design system. I created a video-style guide that integrated Spectrum's principles with motion and learning principles.I collaborated with the Spectrum team to compile user questions and wrote a script that my mentors, PJ Buddhari and Jess Sattell, helped revise. I developed a targeted instructional design plan with beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels, covering two to four learning objectives per video.

Consistent: It uses motion templates.
Accessible: It has a voice-over and closed captions.
Simple: It uses a limited color palette and no unnecessary decorations.
Multimedia: It uses transitions to connect concepts and examples together.
Coherent: It breaks down topics into smaller sections and summarizes information in a simple way.



Templates and animation

Based on the storyboarding, video styleguide, and learning principles, I created motion templates. Below are some snippets of animation from the full video.

✿ To the core

Spring 2022
My role: Producer, Game designer, Concept artist, 3D artist, UI artist
Team members: Angela Zhang, Jasper Lessiohadi, Boyang Lin, Sebastian Gutierrez

'To the core' is a multiplayer, asymmetric game about soldering robots trying to reach the core. I was the producer, concept artist, game designer, UI designer, and 3D artist for BANJOS, a team of five.I developed the game's visual style, created character models, and designed UI elements while leading meetings and delegating tasks to ensure the project's success.

Concept art

3D model + Animation

UI design

✿ Animation Demo Reel

A reel of 2D animations from 2020 - 2022. Made in Clip Studio Paint and After Effects. View short animations and animatic below!

video production

Youtube videos I worked on for Devsisters USA.

2d animations

✿ Shuffle

Fall 2021 - Spring 2022
Skills: Scripting, Storyboarding, Visual development, Animation, Compositing

For my senior thesis, I conceptualized, storyboarded, and animated a short film. The film depicts Emi, a tired office worker, in a mental struggle against three sleep-paralysis demons, who take on the form of miniature idols.Special thanks to my peers and faculty for their feedback and support throughout the project!

Thumbnails + storyboards

Character art

Style guide

Color script

Animation process

✿ On a Walk

Fall 2020
Skills: Storyboarding, Visual development, Animation, Compositing

For my 2020 Fall animation project, I created a short film about the simple joys plants can bring to a person's space. I used a simple, reductive line art style to convey the themes of the narrative.

Concept art

initial storyboard


I collaborated with Michael Wong on the sound design and music.

✿ Illustration

Collection of illustrations from 2020 - 2022.

Figure drawings

Screenprint and Risograph

Character design

✿ Bigger Badder Buggier

Spring 2021
My role: Concept artist, UI designer, UV texture artist
Team: Buggy Builders

Bigger Badder Buggier is a web racing game that celebrates over 100 years of Buggy History at Carnegie Mellon University. As the Concept Artist for Buggy Builders Studio, I designed the game's vibrant and engaging visual style, including concept art, textures, and UI screens.For the art direction, I utilized simple shapes and grainy textures to create a cohesive and eye-catching look that translated well to the final low-poly 3D environment.

Visual developement

Characters and props

UV textures

UI screens